Web-based Sembl games are out there now, but only just. There is much yet to do! Here are some ways for you to participate in the Sembl project.

1. Play some games!

Join an open game or see this page on hosting games for school students.

2. Thoughts, ideas, questions… or a contribution?

Are the games fun? What was not fun about them? In what context, or with what kind of group, might you use them? Feedback always helps. Perhaps you have an idea for a customisation. Maybe you work in a museum and want to find out about the process for contributing images. (If so, see this page for museums.) Or maybe you’d like to contribute to the project by donating some money or some time.

Whatever your interest, let me know.

3. Sign up for Sembl news

Occasionally I email interested parties with news of Sembl’s progress. If you’re willing to say more about your interest/s, I’m keen to know. And I won’t share your email or be evil. (Note: this is different to subscribing to the blog, which happens here.)

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Please tell us if you are interested to:
receive news, progress reports
play a particular kind of game (eg with specific content or in a specific context)

host games

contribute in some other way

Any comments?