A glimpse of Sembl thinking: womb to tomb

Consider the rhyme of




It has the delicious property that these two words describe, if you will, the two chambers from which we enter this life and through which we leave it. Not only do the two words rhyme on the ear, in other words, they can also be said to rhyme in meaning.

Meditation: if you were wearing headphones, and these two words were spoken, what would the stereophony of their meanings be?

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  1. ken cowan
    ken cowan says:

    Hi Charles! You might remember that for a brief time when I was living in the Grove, I worked at a place called “Womb Rooms,” a health boutique with isolation tanks filled with body-temperature salted water. Another rhyme feature is of course a “broom” to sweep debris, a transport vehicle (different spelling), and a wild plant. Not to diverge too wildly, but between womb and tomb there’s lots of use of the broom…


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