Very early this morning (east-coast Australian time), visitors to the Wellcome Collection had an opportunity to play Sembl as part of a spectacular evening of games. Squeee! It’s now (still) early Saturday morning in London, so I am yet to hear any news of how the night went, but I can see the completed games and enjoy perusing the moves. Here are some of my favourites.

On science as a perceptual prosthetic – and that we can never escape our own consciousness:

cholera, macroscopic and microscopic

big-picture perception

imprisoned in Plato’s cave

How our models mould us, what they obscure, and that it can be tricky to talk about…

unsettling – people and maps

men’s control of women

women’s docility to submission?

And how both biology and beliefs affect identity, behaviour and interactions…

permeation and resistance

forbidden fruit

religious fundamentals