Spawned as fiction, sustained by the practice of a vagabond monk, Sembl is a fledgling life-form whose first instantiation – a real-time game for co-located players – is now surpassed by a more open and accessible web-networked game. Sign up and you can join an open game. Or find out about hosting games for your students.

See a slideshow walkthrough of:

You can also:

  • meet the people behind Sembl
  • join in :) – subscribe to blogposts or Sembl news, talk to us about using the games, customisations you might want, or how you might contribute to the project
  • download a brochure (6-page PDF 1.1mb)
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  1. janneen
    janneen says:

    Really enjoyed the presentation at NDF – excited about sharing your thoughts around here.

    my takeaway:

    serious museum stuff + serious play + interesting intersections = seriously fun learning


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