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Face to Face, Google-style reSemblance

[ by Charles Cameron ] . Google, apparently, has an app that some people, apparently, believe responds to a selfie with a same-looking portrait from one of the world’s great museum collections. It is, in short, a Sembl-like app for faces. Uh-oh. The Washington Post titled their piece on the topic Somewhere in the world, […]

About that Van Gogh DoubleQuote

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — Van Gogh, Rilke, El Greco, Von Kármán. Hokusai, Jakob — rich correspondences between singificant items in widely separate disciplines ] . My friend Steve Engel suggested this variant on my personal favorite DoubleQuote — the one pairing Van Gogh with Von Kármán — and as a lover of Rainer Maria […]

On the felicities of graph-based game-board design: three

Following up on two previous posts on graph-based design: Preliminaries and Two dazzlers ** Here are two old HipBone boards that have the curious property of looking very different while being, in fact, topologically identical. Moves played on either board will feature the same set of links — although, given the visual impac ts of […]

PR Beckman tweets on bridges and analogy

[ this post is for Cath Styles, who has been thinking bridges ] . ** My blog-friend PR Beckman, on a roll, has been tweeting Octavio Paz and Martin Esslin. I’ve taken Beckman’s tweets out of 140 characters and put them back into paragraphs, and given a little more context to some of them, but […]

An early representation of the mind at play, Sembl-style?

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — tracking the prehistory of the HipBone / Sembl Games ] . …..Those familiar with my HipBone Games, and Cath Styles’ Sembl, know that the boards are node-and link diagrams, aka graphs, and that ideas are played in the nodes: …..I have previously posted a number of examples of “ancient” boards […]

Recap: on Sembl / HipBone Thinking

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — briefly picking up a strand from an earlier ZP (religio-political) post & running with it ] . ** I just wanted to reiterate an Einstein quote that I slipped into the middle of a post on the Black Madonna and iconography recently, where some readers more interested in the Sembl […]