Charles Cameron

Charles Cameron


Sembl is inspired by and continues to take direction from its progenitor, Charles Cameron, aka Magister Ludi aka the vagabond monk aka hipbonegamer. Charles is the best-known translator of Herman Hesse‘s ’glass bead games’ into the real world.

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Catherine Styles

Catherine Styles

Founder / Dialogue Architect

’Hailed’ by the paper-and-chat form of Charles’ conceptual games in 2003, Cath immediately wanted to be play digitally – where the nodes and relationships compile on the board as players make their moves.

Sembl is a beautiful embodiment of something Cath has always wanted: better opportunities for collaborative meaning-making.

Derek Robinson

Derek Robinson personifies the in-between philosophy of Sembl. He is its Oracle. Eluding containment, he offers Cath expansive, erudite counsel on analogical reasoning and pattern recognition, art and technology, language and consciousness. He describes Sembl as

the gentlest way imaginable to invite people to learn to perceive their own perceiving, their own participation in the creation or the figuration of sense.

Douglas Breitbart

Douglas Breitbart, Catalyst & Provocateur, had an instant clear vision of the broadest, deepest application of the idea of Sembl, that impelled Cath to go forth and realise it, step by step.