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  1. hipbone
    hipbone says:

    Hi Cath:

    I like it. It still has the original “leaf-like” quality, but it’s also a kind of DoubleQuote — I can see the leaf as a “speech baloon” with two speakers.

  2. Derek Robinson (for Nnvsnu the Tsrungh)
    Derek Robinson (for Nnvsnu the Tsrungh) says:

    Ah yes, very perceptive Charles .. bit of a Sembl move in its own right. I like the orange, it’s kind of this year’s flavour, ‘persimmon’ would be pretty close, no?

  3. (what he said)
    (what he said) says:

    (Also, there’s a touch of ‘antihesia’ to the curl of the leaf symbol, it echoes the ‘S’ of Sembl but as it were backwards ..)

  4. (same same)
    (same same) says:

    (Woops, typo, “antithesia” – a noologism for words or other symbolic matter, such as Freud referred to in his short paper, ‘The Antithetical Meanings of Primary Words’.)


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