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Connect the Dots … see the Big Picture

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — bragging on Cath Styles and our joint game project, Sembl, via the Taj Mahal ] . ….. Okay, I cheated: the image on the left is a modification of the image on the right using GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program — but you get the idea — printed images […]

The virtual museum is not simply a museum in virtual space

[ by Charles Cameron — on the infinite juxtaposition of similars, opposites and related modes of scholarship — in gallery and museum, catalog and library ] Please note that what I term here the “virtual museum” is intended to cover both a physical museum or gallery space with available or built in digital affordances and […]

18 years, and what a difference!

Eighteen years ago, in 1996, we used to play HipBone Games by email (“PBEM”). The boards were literally typed out in ASCII characters — to give you the idea, here’s the WaterBird Board as we played on it back then… Eighteen years have passed, and the latest board in the genre, designed for the Museum […]

Leap Worlds: my 3QD attempt

[ cross-posted from zenpundit.com — another runup to the glass bead game ] Below you can read my submission to the wonderful 3 Quarks Daily “web aggregator” site as a candidate to join their regular Monday blogging team — it didn’t even make their “close but no cigar” list, but I wrote it and I […]

Iron fists in velvet gloves and the like

My friend William Benzon posted a photo on his New Savannah site today, and it prompted me to make this post. Here’s Bill’s photo, under his post’s title: Cruise with Moss ….. The moss is a bit untidy, and so is the cruise ship, as you can see more clearly by clicking on the image […]

GMTA: Temple Grandin

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — here’s today’s windfall apple from the tree of creative delight ] On March 31st, 2012 (or very likely the evening of the day before), I posted a graphic on Zenpundit, where I often blog: The upper image illustrates Theodore von Kármán‘s mathematics of turbulent flow, the lower image Vincent van […]

The Abel Prize for a great Sembl move

You don’t have to be playing a Sembl or Hipbone game to make a great Sembl move — you just have to see a rich semblance between two concepts in (previously) widely separated fields of thought. Thus Pierre Deligne of Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, who won the Abel Prize in mathematics this year, did […]